Stand-Out Technique to Make Your Embroidery More Awesome

Hello world!

The technique I would like to share this time is bullion stitch!

Embroidery with this technique – looks amazing, it gives 3D effect to the craft; Believe, you will love making bullion knots. It is easy to design, you just need a little practice and patience ,

and voilà! ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓


For this technique – Milliners needle would be more suitable, since it has the same thickness throughout its length, and it has easy passing of the wound thread through the needle during the process. You may use others too, but Milliners for ease of stitching.

You may pick several (2-3) toning coloured threads and start with the darkest (I did it vice versa; visually,it looks better/bigger if you go from darkest to lighter colors.) Also, it would be nice if your work two bullion knots side by side.

So, let’s get to the process!

First, you bring your needle up through the fabric at one (A) end of your bullion, then take a “bite” of fabric on the needle from a short distance away (B) coming back up in the first hole.The distance of wound thread should measure the same as the distance between A and B.  Too many or too less wraps will spoil the stitch.


Then, hold the wrapped thread with your fingers and pull the needle out with the other finger. Keep pulling the needle completely in an upward direction till the wraps lay on the fabric as shown above. (Step 2, 3)

Adjust and straighten the wraps if required and put in the needle back through B. The finished bullion stitched rose would look like this.

Photo 3-27-17, 9 50 16 PM (2)

!!! Juby Aleyas Koll & Needlepoint Teacher, thanks for the tutorials! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Thank you for stopping by , and come back again!




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